Welcome to Florida, the Auto Insurance Fraud and Lawsuit Capital of the USA

Welcome to Florida, the Auto Insurance Fraud and Lawsuit Capital of the USA

April 6th, 2011 // 9:18 pm @

In July 2010 the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) opened its 2nd insurance fraud task force in the great state of Florida.  Florida is the ONLY state to have 2 such units, the second unit is located in Tampa.  According to the NICB, over the past several years Florida has lead the nation in questionable claims (both injury and non-injury claims).  In 2008-2009 almost 30% of all auto accidents in Florida had some claim for injury, this is a major increase from previous years.  If you need more clues that something is wrong, consider that we are driving safer cars yet we are filing more injury lawsuits than ever before.  Maybe it is because we are surrounded by billboards and TV commercials telling us “we deserve money” and “not to trust the insurance companies”, or maybe it’s because of our rough job market and people need money.  I don’t know what the reason for the massive increase, but what I do know is that it is going to continue to effect our insurance rates in Florida, and we now more that ever need to make sure we have the correct coverage on our auto insurance to protect ourselves and our assets.

In today’s society, lawsuits are more frequent and the monetary awards can be staggering.  Your home, your savings and your future earnings could be at stake if you are involved in an accident and found liable for injuries or damages to property.  Do you have the correct coverage’s?  Talk to us to make sure you and your family are protected, we will be glad to review you current Horace Mann policy or any policy with any company to help make sure you are protected.

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