Horace Mann finds another way to partner with educators

Horace Mann finds another way to partner with educators

July 18th, 2011 // 4:26 pm @

Horace Mann is now a national sponsor of DonorsChoose.org, a non-profit organization that connects teachers’ requests for school supplies and equipment to donors.

This is a great opportunity for teachers to request public funding for projects their school’s budget can’t absorb. For example, the gym teacher needs activities for indoor recess days. She can go to the DonorsChoose.org website, register and post the specific request – right down to picking out the Yoga DVD and ball toss game that works in the indoor recess space- and then share the request with friends and family through social network sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

DonorsChoose.org is an amazing organization and I’m proud of Horace Mann’s sponsorship. During this time of tight school budgets, I want to make sure every teacher knows exactly how to use this service. I’d be happy to discuss how I might help your teachers sign up and use DonorsChoose.org to meet their specific needs.

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