Expanding Horizon 5

Expanding Horizon 5

September 15th, 2011 // 12:54 pm @

Take a look at our interest rate bonus…

Horace Mann Life Insurance Company is offering a promotional interest rate bonus on new Expanding Horizon 5 fixed annuity contracts issued Aug. 2 to Oct. 31, 2011. The promotional interest rate bonus lasts for one year from the date the contract is issued. This product already offers a first-year premium bonus as shown below; this promotional interest rate bonus is in addition to that!

Expanding Horizon 5
Current interest rate:                     1.75%
Promotional interest rate:              2.00%
Total first-year interest rate:          3.75%*

*When you combine this product’s 2.00% first-year premium bonus with the total first-year interest rate, it results in a 5.82% return in the first year on a single premium paid at issue of the contract.

Ask your Horace Mann agent for more details.

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Annuitites should be considered long-term investments. If you take your money out early, you could be subject to contract charges (including surrendr charges), income taxes and an additional 10-percent tax. In addition, withdrawals on tax-qualified contracts may be restricted by the IRS or your employer’s plan. You should consult with your tax advisor regarding any tax-favored products.

To learn more about this product, underwritten by Horace Mann Life Insurance Company, ask your Horace Mann agent for the Expanding Horizon 5 product brochure, IM-007023. Current interest rate information reflects interest rates as of Sept.1 2011 and may change between Sept.1,2011 and the date the premium is received at Horace Mann’s home office. (This bonus is not available in Oregon.)

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